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Making a Hip Hop Beat in The Studio – Beat Making Video

Whatsup guys!

Heres my latest VLOG #5 that I just uploaded. In this video I’m making a hip hop beat in the studio.
I decided to make it a little bit more personal this time around (Peep the previous VLOG here)
if you want to skip to the action, everything starts at 1:50.
This beat/instrumental will be available later this week at the beat store, so sign up to the newsletter if you haven’t already, you
get a free lease instantly after signing up!

This hip hop beat was made using FL Studio 11, KRK VXT 8 monitors & Genelec Monitors
and also a Roland Quad Capture Sound Interface.


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DizzeeBeats Winter Beat Sale

Winter Beat Sale

Just letting you know I’m running a limited time winter beat sale!
You get 4 beats for the price of 1!
All Non-Exclusive Beats in high quality mp3 and wav!

$99 Exclusives Limited Time

42 Beats are on sale with full ownership and beats will be taken down immediately after purchase

You get all files mp3/wav/stems and exclusive ownership contract!
Act Fast!

And as always keep pushing, and don’t let life distract you from
your goals! Stay positive and keep grinding! -Dizzee Beats
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Bring it to the block club beat

New Club Beat: Bring It To The Block

Whatsup guys,

Today I uploaded a new beat called “Bring It To The Block” and it’s a club type feel all over it.
Something you can come up with some crazy flow to (8 Bar verses)

Verse 1 – 0:10
Chorus –  0:32
Verse 2 – 0:54
Chorus – 1:16
and so on…

I played around with some synths in this beat and heavy 808 drums to get that groovy hardcore feel.
It’s been awhile since I did club beats but I enjoyed making this one so I’ll definitely make more in the future. Be on the lookout, I got more rap beats coming out this week!

And the Winter Sale ain’t over yet! Get 1 beat and pick 3 additional ones free of charge on all beats at the beatstore.
Pick Non Exclusive license and the price will be automatically adjusted. MP3/WAV Format delivered instantly as usual.
Hit me up if you have any questions: or check out the FAQ Page.

I’m in the studio right now cooking up some new stuff, be on the lookout!


DizzeeBeats in the studio making rap beats

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Black Gloves Hip Hop Rap Instrumental

New Hip Hop Rap Instrumental: Black Gloves

New Hip Hop Rap Instrumental: Black Gloves


I just uploaded a new beat but this time a little bit different with the drum selection, I tried keeping the mood/feel really dark and gritty. Hope yall like it!
It’s front page as usual at the beats store,  it’s called “Black Gloves”.
If you have any questions about leasing beats or just questions in general you can check out the FAQ page or
contact me at:

If you haven’t already you can sign up for free beats, coupon codes that gives you up to 50% off on any purchase and much more.
Sign up below!



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Smooth Hip Hop Beat / Rap Instrumental – Another Day

Hello guys!

Thought I’d share this YouTube video with yall, this is a quick little video I made myself using Adobe After Effects.
If you’re interested in having videos like that you can get in touch with me at

I’ll definitely will be making more similar videos in the future, I’m in the middle of shooting my part 4 of my VLOG series and I promise
a video that will be more in depth compared to VLOG #2. But until next time enjoy this smooth rap instrumental I made using FL Studio.

If you want to use this beat you’ll need a license and you can of course grab the highest quality WAV file (studio ready) right off the frontpage beatstore, where I have my full production catalogue.

For any questions contact me or use the FAQ page



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