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Premium & Unlimited beats are Buy 1 Get 3 Free! Add 4 beats to the cart with the same license to activate discount!

License Agreement

Your license agreement can always be found in the confirmation e-mail which contains download links to your purchased beats. The confirmation e-mail is sent instantly to the e-mail you enter.


Discounts are applied automatically. All you need to do is select the same license on all beats added to the ‘cart’. And you don’t need a Paypal to purchase beats, any major credit/debit card will do.

Buy 1 Get 3 Free

All Licenses are Buy 1 Get 3 Free which means you can pick 4 beats for the price of 1. The discount is applied automatically, just make sure you are adding 4 beats to the cart with the same ‘license’.

Buy 1 Get 3 Free


  • Distribution Limit: 5,000
  • Royalty Free
  • High Quality WAV
  • High Quality MP3
  • Dizzee Beats retains rights to the beat
Buy 1 Get 3 Free


  • Unlimited Distribution
  • Unlimited Streams
  • Unlimited License Duration
  • High Quality WAV
  • High Quality MP3
  • Track Outs included (Stems)
  • Dizzee Beats retains rights to the beat

Mobile Access

Purchase beats from your phone and access them on the Confirmation page.

Instant Delivery

Download links to your beats are instantly sent to your e-mail after payment.


Access Contract and License agreements instantly on the Confirmation page (and Confirmation e-mail).

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Frequently Asked Questions

On your page it says buy 1 get 3 free? But how do I get the free beats?

Buy 1 Get 3 Free?

Before checkout, make sure to select the same license on all beats (BASIC, PREMIUM or UNLIMITED), or else the discount won’t work! Same rule applies to all bundle deals.

  1. Click “+ADD” and pick BASIC, PREMIUM or UNLIMITED on the first beat.
  2. Step 2. Repeat Step 1 with the same license until you’ve chosen 4 beats.
  3. Step 3. The beatstore will automatically calculate the discount and you’re ready to checkout! Proceed to paypal or pay using any Major Credit Card by clicking BUY NOW.

I want to buy the exclusive rights to your beat, what do I need to do?

I want Exclusive rights

If you’re interested in buying Exclusive rights (100% Ownership of a beat)

  1. Use the contact form or send an email to:

I Don't Have a Paypal Account? What do I do?

Don’t Have A PayPal Account

If you do not own a Paypal account, and wish not to create one, you are still able to purchase beats.

  1. Choose your desired beat(s) and click “Buy Now”
  2. Once you are re-directed to the checkout page, where you’ll have two choices, either pay by using Paypal or by Credit/Debit Card.
  3. Click the green “Credit/Debit Card” button.
  4. Once you have entered your credit card information, you need to enter the email you wish the beat(s) to be sent to.
  5. Your beat(s) are now leased and ready in your mailbox within a few seconds. (Make sure to check Junk-mails)

What does Unlimited License mean?


Dizzee Beats still own the rights to the beats.

  1. You’ll have the rights to sell UNLIMITED units (physical & digital copies) Royalty Free with the song. (Instead of the regular 2,000 units)
  2. High Quality MP3/WAV delivered instantly via e-mail.
  3. High Quality Tracked Out WAV (Stems) in a ZIP file delivered instantly via email.
  4. Unlimited License Contract

What are Tracked Out audio files?

Tracked Out Beats

With Unlimited (WAV+ZIP) License you will also recieve the high quality MP3/WAV.

  1. Every individual channel/instrument in the beat are split up in separated WAV tracks for maximum control over the mix.
  2. Give the Track Out files to your engineer to get the most out of your mix.
  3. You want to get the most out of the mastering process
  4. You have a good idea of how you want the track to sound, based upon other music that you like.

How do I credit you as a producer?

How do I credit the Producer?

You can either

  1. Type Prod.By Dizzee Beats on the Tracklist or Album/Mixtape cover.
  2. Typing (Produced By Dizzee Beats) after the title.
  3. (Prod By Dizzee Beats) works aswell.
  4. You can type it in your description (if you upload it to Youtube, Soundcloud and similar websites)
  5. Or Vocal credits.


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